We prepare you to be a successful online English teacher with the freedom to work anywhere, anytime!


We have been training TEFL teachers for 29 years and are well known and respected in the TEFL industry. This means your TEFL certification will be instantly recognised internationally as being of excellent quality.


We have trained thousands of TEFL teachers, graduates and non-graduates, native speakers and non-native speakers. All you need are fluent English, determination and willingness to learn. We will make you into an online TEFL teacher.


Your tutor will be an experienced teacher holding a Masters degree in TESOL as a minimum qualification.  S/he will offer you all the support and feedback you need to succeed.  INTESOL Worldwide has strong relationships with online English tutoring companies.  We can guarantee an interview with one of these online companies.

Why choose celto

THE online course for teaching online

Reason one

You can study the CELTO course online from your desktop, laptop or mobile device whenever and wherever you want. There are no set start dates and no time limit.  You have the freedom and flexibility to fit your TEFL studies around your lifestyle.  You can even study on the beach!

Reason two

This course will teach you how to make money teaching English online! Full-time or part-time, you choose! For yourself or for a company, you choose!

Reason three

The CELTO course is externally accredited, meaning the content and teaching methods have been scrutinised externally to meet industry standards. This means you can be sure you’ll participate in a fruitful learning experience.

Our course

Teach English Online From Anywhere In The World!

Teaching English Online is a booming industry.  Now that fast internet connections are the norm worldwide you can make a living teaching English online from pretty much anywhere!

The CELTO (Certificate in English Language Teaching Online) is at the forefront when it comes to providing quality training that prepares you to teach English online.

Even if you have taught in the classroom, you will be sure to find the insider tips contained within this course to be hugely beneficial!

Would you like to create a lifestyle with the freedom to work from ANYWHERE in the world with an internet connection?

Teaching English online is the way to go, and we’ll help you get started.

What our TRAINEES say

Thank you very much for this very interesting and challenging course which I have already recommended to many language teachers. This was a very challenging and exciting course throughout.

– Sanjay T.

I am pleased to have completed the course, which I have found both challenging and interesting. My trainer has been a source of inspiration, motivation and support throughout, and I am most grateful to her.

– Graeme S.

I just wanted to thank you for being a wonderful support during this course. I am very lucky to have you assigned to me. Thank you for all your wonderful feedback on all my assignments. I will take all of your suggestions and apply them to my teaching. Thank you again.

– Andrea. R.

Thank you for your feedback during the course. This course was a great recap/refresh on my actual English. As an older college graduate, I truly see sometimes you can forget a lot of things you actually learned in college. Many thanks for making me think about what I am teaching to other students who are not native English speakers.

-Michelle B-M.

Thank you for being there every time throughout the course. I’m grateful that you were my tutor. Thanks for the advice given and for being patient.

– Carla M.

Thank you so much for your support! With your push and encouragement, I AM DONE!!! Yay! Again, thank you

– Anna V.

Thank you for your patience and instant and quality feedback. The materials are all useful and I have kept them for further use and study. It’s been a pleasure.

– Georgia.

Thank you very much for this very interesting and challenging course which I have already recommended to many language teachers. This was a very challenging and exciting course throughout.

– Sanjay T.

I’ve just received my certificates so thought I’d write a quick note to say thank you. Your course was recommended to me and I have no qualms about recommending it to anyone.

– K.W.

Thank you so much for all of your help and very valuable feedback.

– Danielle. B.

Your guidance has been very helpful. The materials and feedback were very helpful as well. I’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to finish my course, but thank you.

– A.J.

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